Welcome from the Bear Creek Volunteers, a Cowboy Action Shooting club. We are privileged to be affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Except for club officers, SASS membership is not required to shoot with us except at SASS sanctioned annual, state level or above competitions. We do however, strongly support and encourage membership in SASS and the NRA.

The Bear Creek Volunteers was formed in October of 2014 by close friends who are mostly current or former volunteers of military, law enforcement and other like-minded folks, along with their families and good friends. Along with the invaluable assistance, support and encouragement of area businesses and organizations we were blessed with the opportunity to form our club.


Our club is dedicated to the Volunteer spirit of the American old west. A colorful heritage has emerged and it is our pleasure to share it with fellow SASS shooters. We strive to preserve, promote and share the common traditional values and ideals of patriotism, good sportsmanship, and respect for the US Constitution with special focus on the Second Amendment, education and fellowship.

 This sport uses real guns and real ammunition. Therefore we stress firearm safety first, last and always! We can provide or refer you to firearms safety and training in the local area. Our range rules are designed to support our goals and maintain our high standards.

Liberty Range is nestled in the heart of Branson hill country along Bear Creek. Enjoy shooting against the stunning backdrop of these rugged and fascinating mountains. After enjoying the day's shoot, don't forget to visit Branson, the crown jewel of Missouri, for even more fun. Please note that Liberty Range is a private range open only to club sanctioned events.

 We invite SASS members to check us out and give our club a look. Newcomers interested in learning more about Cowboy Action Shooting are welcome to watch, ask questions and learn about this quickly growing sport. To see what Cowboy Action Shooting is all about check out these clips on YouTube.  For more information about SASS please refer to the website at http://sassnet.com/

Liberty Range Officers


COL Grierson

(417) 501-1886


Vice President

Red Rider Ray

(417) 880-4402


Territorial Governor

1SG Hampton

(417) 294-0524



Alice Grierson

(417) 849-1877


Range Marshal

Crazy Cajun

(918) 637-1387


Deputy Range Marshal

Ringo Steele

(417) 593-9205


Deputy Range Marshal

Wild Lead Ed